Plan in Decades, Think in Years, Live in Days

Jules Marcoux


Be it a local coffee shop, a desk and chair in the office of one of our local sponsors and partners or simply the front seat of his vehicle our founder has been able to remotely manage our day to day operations, award winning educational programs, expeditions and initiatives using his MacBook and iPhone. As planned we have grown from the front seat of his Land Rover to an organisation that has not only met various goals, but is being offered interns and students from some of South Africa’s most reputable conservation organisation.

So for this reason we invite you into the mind of our founder as we launch the #e4kDreams division of e4k®, aimed to not only share with you some of our needs as an organisation which we hope to fund raise for, but to show you what we will be up to next. These dreams would not only enable us to manage projects and expeditions, but develop new and innovative approaches to conservation and environmental education as part of our vision leading into 2030.

Dreams you are supporting


As a mobile based education and research organisation the most difficult aspect of our work is securing vehicle sponsorship. With various partners we are launching a vehicle fundraising campaign, and we need your help alongside that of our various partners.


Over the years we have been grateful to work with various private land owners and organisations, to host workshops and campaigns. We proudly enter our next phase as we start building field classrooms for community based programs, education and eco-tourism.

Office Space

We have grown from the front seat of our vehicles into a multi faceted organisation, with our based in Cape Town South Africa. We need your help to give us a home to work from.


Together with our partners we look forward to bringing you something special for your support of our organisation. Annually we will open a raffle supported by a specific sponsor, allowing you to win a unique item our founder uses daily in the field.

The above campaigns are managed as part of the crowdfunding component of explore4knowledge, through if you wish to donate to us or chat with our team directly we thank you for your contribution and look forward to hearing from you.